Why is MSI so different than coding?

Why is MSI so much different and in may ways more difficult than software coding?

Because in MSI you do not have a clearly readable set of strings (code).  Instead
you have a relationaly structured database.  This database has upwards of 70 tables.
These tables are interrelated.  There is no clear-set series of text strings you
can follow like a map.  There is no ‘Book’ like structure you can read to understand
what the code (or in this case database) is doing or going to do.

The relationships are clearly documented so you would think that you could simply
open up the documentation to the database and use it as a translation data set.  Right?
Wrong.  This database is open architecture.  Meaning it is or at least can be different
to every person who opens or modifies it.

As in Music you always have to ask yourself is this note a E# or an F-flat?  In code you can
read it plainly to see the answer.  In a database there are sometimes more than one path to follow.


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