A Few Optional DNS Options

Google DNS : Google, about half a year ago, entered the world of DNS servers, to have high-performance servers that use, in order to improve the browsing experience for Google users. To use Google DNS, use the IP address (primary DNS) and (Secondary DNS).

OpenDNS : Another alternative to your ISP, OpenDNS is a great alternative because it includes several filters which can be configured to block unsafe web sites or explicit content. Ideal for schools and businesses. To use your server: (Primary DNS) and (Secondary DNS).

Advantage DNS : Advantage DNS resolves all DNS requests through the UltraDNS Directory Services Platform, thus substantially improves navigation. (Primary DNS) and (Secondary DNS).

ScrubIT : And the last alternative is ScrubIT, a DNS server that regulates the connection filter disallowing dangerous websites. (Primary DNS) and (Secondary DNS).

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